Eekhout, Greg van: Fenris and Mott (2022)

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May 20, 2012
Eekhout, Greg van: Fenris and Mott (2022) - Preteen Mott, lonely after having moved away from her friend Amanda, finds what she thinks is a lost dog. The puppy is more than it seems to be - for one thing, it's a wolf, and not just any wolf. It's Fenris, and it has escaped from the Norse gods who are supposed to prevent it from swallowing the moon before it is time for Ragnarok. They are trying to recover it. But Mott promised to protect it, and to her, it's still just a lost, friendly puppy. Even after it swallows the nice woman from Wolf Rescue whole, along with her van. The ending is basically happy--this is a kid's book--but distinctly unusual, and I doubt there will be a sequel. (If you think about it as an adult, there are all kinds of possible later developments.) Also covers neglectful fathers, broken promises, false friends, and other things on the official List of Symptoms and Signs of Approaching Ragnarok.


City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
Hmm. How does Fenris (or to give it its Norse name, Fenrir / FenrisĂșlfr / what-have-you) disguise its true nature - even after swallowing the nice woman and her van? ;)

I checked it out on google reads. It sounds interesting, though (as you said) a kids' book. Maybe I'll get it for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. Or just 'cos. :)

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