Helgerson, Joseph: Horns & Wrinkles

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May 20, 2012
Helgerson, Joseph: Horns & Wrinkles (2006) Houghton Mifflin publishers.
Fantasy novel with an anti-bullying theme but also a classic tall tale. Written for middle-grade kids. I like it and dig it out to reread occasionally. It is set in the US northern midwest, in Minnesota (where historically many people from Scandinavia settled) in a small town next to the Mississippi River, which in this one section still has its magic. The locals describe anything magical as "rivery". They don't talk about it to outsiders. There are trolls. The narrator is a girl who is concerned about the fate of her mean, bullying cousin, though her main goal is to get hold of the magic feather to turn her family back after the trolls turn them to stone.

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