James Nicol: The Apprentice Witch

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May 20, 2012
James Nicol: 1. The Apprentice Witch (2017)
Australian book, sold internationally and just released in Canada and the USA.

(book 2, "A Witch Alone" expected release date 2018)

The first book is a good solid middle-grade book. It isn't set at a boarding school but it's that type of story, with magic.
I have read a bazillion books and at 69 I am a bit old for this but I can tell I'd have loved it when I was younger. Of course it has the expected obvious moral lessons, but at least it's enjoyable along the way. Arianwyn fails her graduation test but her grandmother pulls strings and gets her a job in a town that has been lacking a local witch for decades. One unusual element is that most of the adults are actually of some help. Some interesting side characters show up, then seem to just go away, but this is a series and no doubt we'll see them again.

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