Pi in the Sky, by Wendy Mass

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May 20, 2012
Mass, Wendy: Pi in the Sky. (2013)
Blurb excerpt: "If you think it's tough being the Supreme Overlord of the Universe, try being his sons. Better yet, try being his seventh son."

Well, it's a kids' book, and a pretty darned good one. It has a lot of scientific information worked into it, but despite that, the story is completely fantasy. The nominal child point of view character seems just a little young for thirteen, especially considering he's technically a lot older. I was expecting something to be done with variations of the value of pi in alternate universes, but if it was in there, it slipped past me, unless it was one of the flavors. The precognition and maybe time travel in the plot is convoluted enough to make the story not entirely guessable, and it's more fun than I'm making it sound. I think kids who can handle some seeming randomness would like it. I found it to be entertaining light reading. I barely noticed that the story is told in an unusual tense, which I think is called the simple present or present continuous.
I think it may take several readings to work out some of what the author is doing.


Thanks a lot for the review!

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