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Oct 14, 2009
I'm 56 years old and a dyed in the wool Pratchett fan. I'm well educated, widely read - know anyone else who has read Moby Dick, War and Peace, and most of Shakespeare's oeuvre? - yet I return time and time again to the works featured here.

One minute I am convulsed with laughter, tears streaming down my cheeks. The next minute, I am crying true tears at his wisdom, insight, and sheer humanity.

How does he do that? It's beyond me.

No wonder A S Byatt is one of his biggest fans.


PS I'm new to the forum, so apologise unreservedly if this is a topic that has already been discussed in mildly obsessional detail. I'd just like to hear what others think and feel here


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Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
No need to apologise - welcome to the site deckardnexus6. :laugh:

It seems you are also a fan of Blade Runner (or possibly Philip K Dick) as well.

I think the reason that Terry's writing is so popular is because he writes about Humanity. It doesn't matter if the characters are dwarfs, vampires, trolls or zombies - they all have recognisably human traits and that's why they are so endearing.

He also writes incredible satire so you get more than just a cracking story; you also get social statement about the world we live in - even if it is set on another world. :)

Jan Van Quirm

Nov 7, 2008
Dunheved, Kernow
Hi there deckardnexus6 - excellent 'literary hero' list there! ;)

I think Terry will, in the not too distant future, be rated as the modern day Shakespeare (we fans think so already naturally ;) ) - and thank goodness he's almost as prolific as the old Bard of Avon and has a much wider and compelling ability to write empathically about the human condition (Shakespeare did too, but of course this was of his time not ours).

Other authors may sell better in the short term, but his books (not just Discworld) will be relevant for at least another 500 years because, as Tony says, they have a universal appeal and understanding. Even if he never writes another word, he's already made it as an all time great author and we'll carry on loving and admiring his books and his personal values and spirit as long as we can - which I hope is for a very long time to come. :laugh:
Terry's writing is hitting generation after generation... it is all being reprinted from the late 80's on and catching people unawares until they are howling and hooting like ... well, like the bunch of loons he says we are. His work Will stand the test of time and if anyone EVER finds me the address for that jerk-ass reporter, he will find a well-typed lead pipe up his bum for treating the man who saved my sanity a bad rap.

Terry has a magic that is not able to be grasped by the dim-witted. You cannot get everything he puts into the book in one reading, and the stuff you did get, WILL have you howling and crying along with the new stuff you find in successive readings. It is magical and puts our own pitiful human condition into a format that we can grasp onto like a baseball bat and swing for the cheap seats.

p.s. Welcome and please join the nut haus/ looney bin :laugh:


Sep 13, 2009
NOT The land of the risen Son!!
Tina a.k.a.SusanSto.Helit said:
It is magical and puts our own pitiful human condition into a format that we can grasp onto like a baseball bat and swing for the cheap seats.
My human condition is not pitiful! :laugh:

PS. I understand the baseball analogy because I live in a country who are the baseball world champions (again), but not sure if all the Brits will get it.

PPS. Welcome Dunk


Jul 28, 2008
So, football then? ;)

Welcome to the site Dunk. It's true that TP is a literary genius, but he's no Shakespeare. I definitely prefer him to Herman Melville though. And War & Peace? Why torture yourself like that?

It has to be said though, that no writer has ever made me laugh like Terry. I love the satire, and the fact that he makes you think makes for a guilt-free read :laugh:


Nov 26, 2008
Hello everyone and hello to all new people sorry Ive not been on for quite sometime but been busy reading, I have now cought up with my discworld books, I am hoping to get nation for Christmas. I am currently readng last hero the big illustrated version so its taking me a while as its a bit heavy for me to hold.

As you have all said Sir Terry is amazing, I love reading his books because as you read them one page your rooking with laghter the next you thinking this sounds familiar lol and next you could be total puzzled by what he has written. I too love Shakespeare particularly Hamlet, Mc Beth and Romeo and Juliet ; people are surprised when I say this as I am Dyslexic and they seam to think Shakespeare would be beyond me, only because I can not read it out aloud.

I am really looking forward to Terry's next Tiffany book, which I can not remember the name of right now darn dash it all lol
Oct 10, 2009
Widipedia says the next Tiffany book will be 'I shall wear midnight'.
I already love the title, so can't really wait for it!!
Jul 27, 2008
Stirlingshire, Scotland
This just copied from Discworld Monthly online Mag, regarding Pterrys progress on the next book.

On the up side, the progress on I Shall Wear Midnight is rapid,
thanks to Dragon Dictate and rather more to the guys at
TalkingPoint - the front end that makes it much easier to use -
who made contact with me through this very page. I'm so impressed
by it, that if my typing ability came back overnight, I would
continue to use it. I have no hesitation in praising the product
as I have already paid for two licenses and a year's maintenance.
Anyway, we have to do this stuff otherwise what was the point of
Star Trek?
Here is a link for the full article http://www.discworldmonthly.co.uk
I think similar technology was used in Star Trek by the actors as their vision for the future and Pterry's statement is referring to using the equipment now - otherwise what was the point of Star Trek? i.e - Moving with the times and using whatever technology is available that makes life easier, nothing to do with the book other than he is using it to WRITE the book ... as a wannabe author, I agree, I'd use this sort of technology as it will save the pain in my arms getting worse.

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