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Dec 31, 2008
Congratulations to Sir Terry, long overdue but the current bunch don't recognise talent, preferring to sprinkle the kudos on their pets (Chris Hoy a K? OBEs to teenage swimmers....way to go, Gordon)

Sir Terry was always in the nobility as far as authors are concerned, his output staggers in its consistent quality as much as the sheer quantity. I discovered him about 15 years ago and I have bought each new Discworld book as it was published. The Tiffany Aching series only maintains the standard.

Deeply sorry about the Alzheimers which threatens to rob us all of an author who can lighten the darkest day. Unfortunately there is nobody who can replace his brand of wit and whimsy allied to a genuine love of language and the characters he presents to us.

Sam Vimes, Carrot, Angua, Detritus, Vetinari.....Death. Love them all and the genius who summoned them from the ether.

Let's hope that medical research can do something for Sir Terry so he can continue to do what he does for us.

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