Tiffany Aching's Guide To Being a Witch (Warning: Minor Spoilers)

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Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
I just finished reading this book. It's relatively short (200 pages), but lavishly illustrated with all the Discworld witches we all know and l--- um, we all know (in the case of Granny Weatherwax). ;)

It's full of information about being a witch, with some interludes from Granny, Nanny and Rob Anybody, as well as some reminiscences from Miss Tick, Eskarina Smith, and Geoffrey Swivel. (I loved the illustration for The Shed of Doom). :mrgreen:

Has anyone read this? What did you think? :)
Loved it. Rhianna and Gabrielle have managed to capture the voice of all the characters - Tiffany plus all the 'commenters', and they obviously approached the subject with love. I do like the new information that's revealed (admittedly not much, mostly it is re-treading information from the novels), and Kidby's illustrations are lavish and full of great detail.

I do suggest listening to the interview they did on Pratchat ( ) where they talk about some of the things that they asked Paul Kidby to draw for the book.


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Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Thanks Dug, but these days I am totally unable to hold a book and turn the pages (don't arsk me about arthritis!), so I can only use the Kindle app on my phone. :)

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