Wilde, Fran: The Ship of Stolen Words

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May 20, 2012
Wilde, Fran: The Ship of Stolen Words (2021). Middle Grade but interesting enough for YA.
I seem to be becoming more demanding; a different MG book I read recently was okay but too simply plotted for me and frankly too cliched. This one has everything that one lacked.
The cast is balanced, not just in numbers of males to females but in the amount of action and initiative of each of them, and over an age range. The characters behave like realistic kids and adults, and their actions have unforeseen repercussions. They can be selfish and hurt and then worry and fret but have to work up to making amends.
There's more than one ship, more than one city, more than one continent. The goblins have a culture and disagreements of their own. There is a new-to-me concept for why goblins might want to raid our world for what we think are intangibles. There is an overall theme of communication. And there are funny bits.

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