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  1. Tonyblack

    SPOILERS Moving Pictures Discussion **Spoilers**

    **Warning** This thread is for discussing Moving Pictures in some depth. If you haven’t read the book then read on at your own risk – or, better still, go and read the book and join in the fun. For those of us that are going to join in the discussion, here are a few guidelines: Please feel...
  2. Quatermass

    Moving Pictures, 1000 Elephants, and James Bond...

    ...of the TV, I was watching the special features for The Man With The Golden Gun. What does this have to do with Discworld and Moving Pictures? Well, I remembered CMOT Dibbler's continual insistence about having 1000 elephants in his movies, and was planning to have them in Blown Away. I...
  3. U

    How I imagined moving pictures

    I have just spent the last hour or so finishing off moving pictures which I got for my birthday and really enjoyed it. One thing which hit me as odd though is in scenes taking place in the cinemas it didn't 'feel' like the discworld but more like familiar modern times.I imagined the premier...

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