Ace magazine interview 1990

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City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
This is fantastic. I especially loved this:

What would you like computers to do that they don't currently?

They're not bright enough to anticipate what you want. I don't mind them if they're stupid, what gets up my nose is a veneer of intelligence, but deep abiding stupidity underneath! The first time I looked at an Apple Macintosh, I switched it on an a Mr Smiley Face appeared and words to the effect of 'Please wait...'. After about 30 seconds of this I suddenly thought, I don't WANT a big smiley face telling me to wait, I want the thing to go BONG and there you are! I get very annoyed with the difficulties they put in your way. Mind you, the thought of actually going back to a typewriter appals me!
I remember computers from that era (slightly), and this is bang on. :)

Just one thing: where's the rest of the interview? I leafed back and forth, and I can't find it. ;)

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