Changeling, book 1 of The Oddmire, by William Ritter, now read

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May 20, 2012

I had put this under the original announcement of the publication date, but decided it might get more attention if I gave it its own title.

The Oddmire. Book 1, Changeling, by William Ritter.
I've now bought and read it. It's intended as a Middle-Grade book, for children around the age of ten or younger. As such, it's good for that age group. It's a little young for me (young for my grandchildren too) but I can see that it could be very appealing. The various difficulties are overcome partly by bravery of the two boys and the determination of the various mothers in the story. There were quite a few surprises and plot twists along the way, although the overall storyline is generally predictable (this _is_ intended for kids, after all).
After roughly 67 years of reading, I was able to pick out which boy was which from the hints, but not immediately. The psychological development of the boys is very believable.
Aesthetically, Ritter has a talent for understated poetic description. His illustrations (both cover and interior illustrations) are atmospheric and well-suited to the intended audience.
Note that this is book one of an intended series - at least a trilogy. So there are things that are not solved at the end. I await the sequels.

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