SPOILERS Confused about Discworld 2 plot.

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Jul 31, 2023
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At 2:39:07 you see Rincewind in the projector room and then later you see him at 3:16:49 with Death. Then at 3:17:15, the movie(clickie) which the audience is watching shows him with Death again at the same location and then the credits from the movie roll. After that, at the projector room at 3:17:54 you see Rincewind. So does that mean everything that the player sees in in that whole time period after 2:39:07 was just part of the movie that was being shown? I'm quite confused.
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Mar 24, 2015
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Hmm ... this is only speculation, so please don't take it as gospel. :)

I think that in the end (just before 3:17:54), Rincewind re-makes the film (though who is rolling the camera while Rincewind is asleep and Death waves goodbye, I have no idea). Unfortunately, he doesn't think to test-watch it, and so it ends really really badly (on blank screens). The crowd predictably boos. Rincewind splices in pictures of the Elven Queen again, and everyone is mesmerised ... until the real Elven Queen materialises.

It's best not to think too deeply about this game. It breaks a few things that are almost canon about Discworld - for instance:

1. Ponder Stibbons as a mad scientist??? :eek:
2. Rincewind outsmarts Granny Weatherwax??? :rolleyes:

... and so on. :)

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