Discworld Plays + Troll Bridge screenings in Australia (Sep-Nov, 2019)

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Sep 29, 2011
Adelaide, South Australia
Hi all,

The Australian Discworld Convention (and me, as part of the publicity team), just sent out a newsletter with info about upcoming Discworld plays and screenings of Troll Bridge around Australia over the coming months.

All the details can be found at https://ausdwcon.org/blog/theatre-and-clickies-galore/

But here are the highlights:
Sep 14-Oct 12 - Maskerade - Brisbane
Sep 17-21 - Mort - Canberra
Oct 11-20 - Witches Abroad - Lismore, NSW
Oct 11-26 - Going Postal - Emerald, Vic
Nov 20-30 - Going Postal - Adelaide (I'm in this one)

TROLL BRIDGE Screenings:
Sep 15 - Canberra
Sep 21 - Adelaide
Sep 28-29 - Sydney
Oct 11-26 - Emerald, Vic
Oct 13 - Brisbane

More info on all of this at https://ausdwcon.org/blog/theatre-and-clickies-galore/

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