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Jul 13, 2016
Do you play Thud? I have never played against anyone but I have been playing against myself for a few days. You can make a cheap board and pieces from paper and coins and be playing in no time. Or you can buy it, if you can find it. Of course, nobody else plays. If anybody would like to play Thud by email or knows an active site for playing Thud, please let me know.


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Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
I know there are a few Thud players out there. It often gets played at Discworld conventions and meet-ups. I'm sure some people here play it.

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Oct 1, 2009
Boston, MA USA
I have a Thud game--paid a small fortune for it since it was one of the few sets actually in the U.S.--but I've never played it, mainly because I don't know anyone who still plays board games, let alone those based on Pterry novels.

Is there a free online version of Thud anywhere? That would probably be the easiest way to play it.
Jul 13, 2016
Let me re-phrase,

If anyone would like to play on-line, PM me. The board grid is A-O and 1-15. A1 is upper left and O-15 is lower right. (Of course a1 does not exist as a playable space but how else to grid an octagon?) A valid opening move would be A6 to H13, for example.

So far all I know of game play is that the trolls always seem to get their own way when I play against myself. As challenger, I give you choice of opening side. Drop me a PM to play.

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