Eric Flint and his 1635 series

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There is a fantastic series by Eric Flint and other contributers about a small chunk of modern day West Virginia USA mining country being transported back in time AND into the middle of 1635 Germany during the 30 Years War. Mostly like an alternate universe series, the books of short stories are called Grantville Gazette I, II, and III.

It is really a good bunch of books about how they learn to cope and deal with life the way it ends up for them. There are 5 main books and at least three short story books by some rather famous authors and even a massive website about the technology and how they could adapt what they have into a more massive system of communication and helping to prevent massive plagues and circumvent some of the battles and problems that went on.

I found it very fascinating and had to buy every bit of the series when I finished the first book. Some of them are listed under a more famous author who contributed, but, I think it is a good series to use as a learning tool for survival and teaching moral lessons too.

:steps down from the soapbox as it is beginning to crush anyway: :laugh:

Aug 12, 2008
swansea south wales
if you go on the baen website tina you can download some of the eric flint ebooks for free plus a load of scifi books , ive downloaded loads. if you know anybody whos disabled baen will let them download their whole back catalogue for free. they are very good to the armed services as well :)

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