Going Postal saves my daughter's reading skills!

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New Member
Jan 7, 2009
California US
I am a voracious Pratchett fan and have read Going Postal many times over because it is my favorite. (actually I read them all again and again and can't wait to get the rest of the series)

My 13 Year old daughter Katie hates to read and I've tried many times buying her books that involve her interests but to no avail. (unless you count the Anime comic books)

One night I was in bed reading and Katie couldn't sleep. She came in and sat on the bed and wanted to just chat about a television show. I listened and we talked until she ran out of things to say so I just started reading out loud from Going Postal. She laughed so hard! So when I told her i was tired but she was welcomed to keep reading she said yes. That was a week ago. Now she has finished Going Postal and Making Money! She reads better and her spelling is improving. Now to introduce her to Rincewind.......

I wish I could thank Mr. Pratchett in person for the years of continued enjoyment and for creating such wonderful stuff that would turn my non-reading daughter into a fan!


Super Moderator
City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
That really is great news! Maybe she'll be becoming a member on here at some stage. :)

Jan 2, 2009
I'm trying to encourage my son to read more (he has dyslexia), but seems to be slowly getting into reading. I'm sure he'd love Discworld.

Cheers, Vena


Jan 23, 2009
Cornwall, UK
I've never managed to convince any of my three children to read Discworld despite my multilayered strategy of showing them the animated series, various computer games or even taking my then small son to a book signing...for shame.
I consider 'Going Postal' one of my top five DW books ever but I could be biased due to being a postie myself...'low and sharp', hilarious!


Aug 30, 2009
Devon, UK
My friend tried for a year o get me to read TP and i wouldn't...hedidn't seem my kind of author. In the end i read one to shut her up - Monstruos regiment i belive and loved it. I have sincer read more thann she has and im an avid fan :laugh: sometimes TP needs to be shoved down your throat before you realise its greatness :)

X Nattheweirdo


Jun 3, 2009
THopper said:
I wish I could thank Mr. Pratchett in person for the years of continued enjoyment and for creating such wonderful stuff that would turn my non-reading daughter into a fan!
Maybe someone will mention it to him at the convention. :)

Tina a.k.a.SusanSto.Helit said:
HOORAY!! Reading rocks. It lets you go places you would not normally go, and exercises the imagination.
Or, if you're adventursoum, you can use them as a guide of places to go. 8)
I first read Pratchett when after watching the cartoon series of Wyrd Sisters ... at Sixteen - AFTER ANALYSING Macbeth for three blinkin times and therefore appreciated the finely tuned jokes towards the Scottish Play!

I then gone onto Moving Pictures and, the rest, as they say ... is History ... or it might even be now ... erm ... good thing I haven't seen the Trousers of Time Bifurcated and gone down the wrong leg into a world WITH NO PRATCHETT!!!!!! :eek: IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT PRATCHETT!!!!!

The thought is too hideous to comprehend!

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