Groaning about daytime television

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Super Moderator
City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
:laugh: Just one of the reasons I got rid of my TV set. It's when you find yourself eagerly waiting for one of these shows that you know you've got a problem. :eek:


Oct 13, 2008
I love watching Bargain Hunt. I think Tim is lovely. :laugh:
It is the only daytime prog I do watch though.

Jan Van Quirm

Nov 7, 2008
Dunheved, Kernow
Only 'cos it's lunchtime... at least they're not quite as bad as Philip and Fern doing advert interviews for what's coming on the box next week or whatever - this is really we've got so and so you've never heard of (or if you have you'd rather you hadn't) talking about something you don't care about and won't watch anyway...

That make's me want to scream - although I much admit Phil were pretty good with Kerry Catona that time, considering that was kind of off the cuff when she should so obviously have been zonked out in bed still poor cow. Then there's the crocodile tears and wringing of hands over people like Jade Goody and M. Jackson that sticks in the craw - so fickle and vampiric and I don't even know how to tell the difference anymore as to who's being most insincere.

Who was it who said there's no such thing as bad publicity? :devil:

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