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City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Anyone in London in December might want to go to this. :)

Guardian Review Book Club with Terry Pratchett
Date: Monday 14th December
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Hall One, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG*
Join us for a very special Book Club with Terry Pratchett, who will talk to John Mullan about his 37th Discworld novel, Unseen Academicals...
Football has come to the ancient city of Ankh-Morpork - not the old fashioned, grubby pushing and shoving, but the new, fast football with pointy hats for goalposts and balls that go gloing when you drop them. And now, the wizards of Unseen University must win a football match, without using magic, so they're in the mood for trying everything else. The prospect of the Big Match draws in a street urchin with a wonderful talent for kicking a tin can, a maker of jolly good pies, a dim but beautiful young woman, who might just turn out to be the greatest fashion model there has ever been, and the mysterious Mr Nutt (and no one knows anything much about Mr Nutt, not even Mr Nutt, which worries him, too). As the match approaches, four lives are entangled and changed for ever.

Tickets are £9.50 online or £11.50 from the box office and can be bought direct from Kings Place:
Tel: 020 7520 1490
* Please note the change of venue - this event will take place in Hall One at Kings Place (not at the Guardian offices).
Jul 27, 2008
Stirlingshire, Scotland
I have decided to give it a bodyswerve,don't fancy sitting right at the back all it would take was Carrot to sit in front of me aqnd I would not see a thing. :(

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