Kingfisher, T.: The Saint of Steel (Paladin trilogy)

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May 20, 2012
1. Paladin's Grace (2021)
2. Paladin's Strength (2021)
3. Paladin's Hope (2021)

I'm not sure how to describe these books.
T.Kingfisher is the nom de plume that Ursula Vernon uses for
her more grown-up books. I got them because I liked her earlier work.
I gather that there are others in the same universe I have not yet read,
meaning the Clocktaur series (next on the to-be-read pile), but these
stand alone well, individually and as a group.
Each one is the story of an individual who needs to make a new life
after a devastating event. They know each other and interact, but the
main character in one book will be a less-main character in another.

I'm listing them here because despite being utterly unlike Discworld,
there are flashes of humor that reminded me of Pratchett's style,
and no, I don't mean either puns or footnotes.
Just - the way characters would say something that would make me
laugh in the midst of a very serious action adventure sequence.
By the way, they are also very well-written romances.
And there's a lot more explicit gore and general monstrousness
than in Pratchett. Gore in a good romance? Yes. Humor in a fight
against supernatural monsters? Yes.

They also reminded me a little of Bujold's Penric series, while being
definitely Kingfisher's own thing. That's probably because Penric is a
doctor in a magical universe and one of Kingfisher's characters is
also a doctor in a magical universe.

tl;dr: Well-written magical universe action-adventure interfering with
the romance and don't read them just before a meal because there
is some undead stuff too. 9/10 recommend.
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