Llamedos Holiday Camp - Scout Jamboree 2024

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Feb 24, 2015
Scout Jamboree Logo.png
Llamedos Holiday Camp made their website live months ago and they will be running a Discworld Scout jamboree on the first weekend in March 2024.

Tickets go on sale on 1st July and ticket pirce includes all evening meals, Costume ball and the best goodie bag in the business ( called, a Jamboree Knapsack)
More info here


City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
OK, who's bringing marshmallows to roast? And (since this is a Scout Jamboree), who's bringing the squeezebox? ;) (I'm thinking of the "Camp" scene from the Are You Being Served episode, 'Camping In').

I have no idea who Meghan or Rwby are in Discworld. Would anyone please enlighten me? (I presume Rwby is a typo for Ruby, Detritus's girlfriend. The only "Rwby" I know of is this).
Rwby is the badge name of one of the organisers, aka Rachel. She's Welsh, thus the spelling. She's also one half of Discworld Monthly.

I'm going, BTW. Went to the first one, which was brilliant. Attended the virtual one during covid, also brilliant. Missed 2022 although I bought a membership - dratted covid. Heard it was brilliant. Can't wait to invade Wales again in March!

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