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Dec 7, 2010
It'll be interesting if they put in the bits that Jackson left out.
Wrong era, Tonyblack. This TV series is set prior to and during the fall of...Numenor, I think? Millennia before Thorin got a bee in his bonnet about Erebor. So, we basically see Sauron's rise to power after spending millennia as Morgoth's minion. I'm not a big Tolkien fan, but I know that much.

...Oh God, I just came to a sudden realisation as I typed the above. In Elden Ring, there's a race of humans (or human-like beings, considering that the goddess Queen Marika was formerly one of their number) called the Numen. They are said to come from far away, from even another world possibly. Who's to say George RR Martin didn't have them as refugee Numenoreans who somehow travelled to another world in his backstory? At the very least, the name is probably a reference to Tolkien...


Dec 7, 2010
Yes, Q is right. But to be honest, this LOTR isn't really LOTR -- it's what comes before. Somewhere in The Silmarillion.

I wonder how much of Silmarillion they'll put in, though.
Like I said, probably only the bits about Sauron's first rise to power, and trying to do better than Morgoth. So, probably only a relatively small portion of The Silmarillion, as most of that, if I recall, is about Morgoth and his temper tantrums.


City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
LOL @ Morgoth and his temper tantrums. :mrgreen:

Seeing as the 'heart' of LOTR is the Aragorn-Arwen love story, I wonder if this one will have the Beren-Luthien one. Or will all the 'fanbois' roll their eyes, go on Twitter/Facebook/what-have-you, and then go on and on about how Peter Jackson's already dunnit, and how this one ain't as good, innit ... :rolleyes:

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