MacLeod, Charlotte: The Recycled Citizen (1988)

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May 20, 2012
MacLeod, Charlotte: The Recycled Citizen (1988)
Rereading a golden oldie. MacLeod had several different humorous mystery series. Some come off better than others but they survived pretty well. This one is a Sarah and Max mystery, set among the rich and not so rich of the fictional Kelling family of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where as the rhyme has it, the Lowells speak only to Cabots, and the Cabots speak only to God.. The Kellings, however, speak to anybody, sometimes at great length. It's funny fluff with a bit of social consciousness. I laughed out loud quite a few times - I'd forgotten how much fun and pure absurd silliness is in these, in between the murders.
"As a rule the Kellings were not given to dramatic public displays of connubial affection. Brooks merely performed a few preliminary steps of the woodcock's courting dance, of course skipping the part where the bird spirals high into the air, then plummets straight to earth. Then he started rubbing Theonia's feet."
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