Percy Jackson & The Olympians

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Jul 20, 2009
Lelystad, The Netherlands
Saw a trailer a while back about an upcoming movie called Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
The movie is based on the first from a series of five books by Rick Riordan called Percy Jackon & The Olympians, The Lightning Thief is the first book. ... _Olympians
It sounds great Greek gods and everything in the present but is it? Has anyone read them? If you have read them what do you find of it? Would you recommend them?


Feb 5, 2010
I haven't read them, but desparately want to watch the films. Greek mythology is my favourite historical subject and I plan to tour Greece taking in the sights and sounds of the places that the myths "happened"
This is way too late, but, yes, it is. The idea is that the places such as Mount Olympus are abstract things that move from time to time, but are given the same names. other examples are the place where atlas holds up teh sky, the entrance to the underworld, etc.

I havent watched the movie, but from what my friends tell me, it isnt anything like the books. It completely removes one of the characters that in later books is a main character and makes one of Percy's best friends his enemy or something.
Anyway, the books are great and never get boring.
Uh-huh. The plot's different, the place where the dad go is different, areis is gone, the fight on the beach doesn't happen and is replaced with a fight with luke. the cabins are different, in the book the gods arn't forbidden to talk to their kids but they don't anyway, Zues, hades and posidon arn't meant to have kids but do anyway ok...this stopped making sense a while back
Has anyone noticed how most of the demigods, probably all have their last names corresponding to their god-father(oops, bad pun :oops: :laugh: )

Travis and Connor Stoll(Stole)-Hermes
Silena Beauregard(french for handsome-watch/beautiful)-Aphrodite
Anabeth Chase(s after knowledge)-Athena
Percy Jackon(popular name for a certain rebel pirate i know. ok, i know those two are pushing it a bit ;))


Jul 5, 2010
The Netherlands
With Percy Jackson and Harry Potter I keep thinking.
That the British have Geeky wizards.
And the Americans have Sporty demi-gods.
Percy Jackson's all right...I started reading the series when I was about 12...I think it's funny how Riordan stretches stories. I actually went to the Gateway Arch that Percy and Co. visit in Lightning Thief. There's actually no way to end up in the water jumping from the top of the Arch, unless there's a gigantic freak wind in the right direction, of you've got a mini parachute.

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