Rincewind and the Island

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The rat

Apr 18, 2009
Bad Blintz
Okay, since the newest book is mostly about UU I have been listening to the Wizard and Rincewind books at work, and there seems to be a lag in Rincewind's historical timeline.


At the end of Eric we see Rincewind and Eric walking up the stairs from Hell and through a wall into, supposedly, into A-M. The next we see of Rincewind is in IT and he is on an island with the Luggage. How did he get there? It seemed like he was going back to UU, but he in on the island and brought back to UU to go to the Counterweight Continent.

Anyone know how he got there, has this ever been explained?


Super Moderator
City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
It's never really been explained how he got there. But then there's no reason to think that we know everything that's happened to Rincewind. He seems to be fated to have adventures whether he likes it or not and only Terry knows what might have happened. :)

The rat

Apr 18, 2009
Bad Blintz
Okay, good so it is not me. I thought I was missing something. Thanks, tony.


Jun 3, 2009
It never actually says that the doorway exists into Ankh-Morpork, does it?

Eric said:
Rincewind and Eric were happy:
"I can see blue sky!" said Eric. "Where do you think we'll come out?" he added. "And when?"
"Anywhere," said Rincewind. "Anytime."

He looked down at the broad steps they were climbing. They were something of a novelty; each one was built out of large stone letters. The one he was just stepping on to, for example, read: I Meant It For The Best.
The next one was: I Thought You'd Like It.
Eric was standing on: For the Sake of the Children.
"Weird, isn't it?" he said. "Why do it like this?"
"I think they're meant to be good intentions," said Rincewind. This was a road to Hell, and demons were, after all, traditionalists.
And, while they are of course irredeemably evil, they are not always bad. And so Rincewind stepped off We Are Equal Opportunity Employers and through a wall, which healed up behind him, and into the world.
Maybe the portal exits into the world at random unless you have the power to direct it.
Oct 8, 2009
Same there. It seems logical. Eric would have gone off, cause thats teh sort of person eric is. But rincewind seems to like the slow, non-adventurous pace of life. So I think they came out on teh island and that he stayed there. Why ever not.


Jul 28, 2008
I agree. And welcome to the site Tnecromancer :)

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