Terminal trilogy by Jim C. Hines

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May 20, 2012
Now that the third volume has come out, I can happily report that the intrepid space janitors continue to clean up the Galaxy, even if they have to learn to work with some of the sneakiest traitors that ever crawled or flew.

1. Terminal Alliance - After the disaster that turned all humans into shambling near-brainless monsters, the horrified aliens found a temporary cure - but with no culture left to speak of, humans are lucky to get the clean-up jobs. And only a few of the millions can be treated. But the proud clean-up crew are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in space. After all, an invasion is just another mess to deal with.

2. Terminal Uprising - The junk spaceship succeeds where other, fancier ships failed.

3. Terminal Peace - The ship is upgraded, but there are medical issues, and the resident traitor is trying hard to give his war-mongering species the advantage. Violence isn't his middle name, it's his first name. Will our semi-cured leader survive the betrayals?

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