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City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
I also got 17/20 in the quiz, like Mixa. :)

As for the Discworld family:

Get your boots on, you’re a member of The Watch!

Much as you often wish you hadn’t, you have a keen sense of fairness that draws you in to other people’s business. This doesn’t always match up with diplomacy, but you have an attitude that Gets Things Done, which is rather reassuring. You do your best work with a sense of purpose and mission. Paper-pushing isn’t your style – and ideally, there wouldn’t be any paper at all. You have the gift of making whomever you’re talking to feel heard.
So how did you do? :)


Super Moderator
City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Not a fan of the quiz. There were so many questions I didn't identify with at all, and had to make a selection based on the least objectional answer.

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