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May 31, 2009
i know terry might not see this but if you do this a bit of hero worship and a heart felt thank you, all my life i have suffered with dyslexia i have had to struggle to even spell my name and up to the age of 13 i could not read and was deprested and angery that is until my teacher gave me a book called Guards! Guards! it took me a year to read and since then i have read all of your books that i could get my hands on, now i can read and wright to a good degree so i wish to say thank you for saving my life
and thank you for creating such a magnificent world and i hope to read more of your fantastic works far in to the future


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City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
I really hope that Terry does get to see your post, triaxe! Welcome to the site! :laugh:

Jan Van Quirm

Nov 7, 2008
Dunheved, Kernow
Welcome and really well done Triaxe :laugh:

We could do with more teachers like yours as well. Too many of them aren't willing to venture outside of the curriculum and take an interest in the students who have difficulties like yours. My nephew has an attention deficiency condition which meant he found it very hard to concentrate on learning to read - the local education authority had little on no interest in assessing him for dyslexia or other related conditions so he could go to specialist classes so his parents had to go through their GP to get him assessed. Turned out he didn't have dyslexia at all and was found, like so many with learning difficulties, to have above average intelligence. So not stupid at all - just very, very, bored! :(

My sister and her husband went back to the school and again met a stone wall so they decided to take action themselves and after a few sessions with a children's psychiatrist simply spent time with him doing sports activities and found he excelled at skiing and snowboarding (and now surfing), but they also started to read 'proper' books to him - The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in fact. Anyway, like you he loved those stories and he wanted to read them himself and suddenly his reading ability began to improve to the point where he was up with the 'top' group in the reading and writing department. I sometimes wonder how many children slip under the net like this when all they really need is the support to engage with their lessons in a creative and appealing way. Authors like Pterry, who're intelligent and witty are like diamonds and offer a far better way for young people to discover and appreciate a good book! :laugh:


Jul 28, 2008
Hi triaxe, I'm glad you found some help in Terry :laugh: Welcome to the site.

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