The Amazing Maurice Film release dates

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Jul 27, 2008
Stirlingshire, Scotland
Feegled from Discworld Monthly,
The Amazing Maurice Film release dates
WE HAVE SOME RELEASE DATES !!!!!!!!! * runs around the room like a springer spaniel who accidentally heard the word "walk"
UK Release Date - 9th December 2022 US Release Date - 6th January 2023 Australia Cinema Release Date - 12th January 2023 New Zealand Release Date - 12th January 2023 Turkey Release Date - 20th January 2023 Germany Release date - Feb 2023
This means that a world premiere will probably happen in the first week of December. Keep your ears to the ground for news on the chance to get tickets for that.
I think it's getting a cinema release in Australia - not sure how many cinemas, mind you, I suspect it's going to be a much smaller release than many other 'children's' films. I guess just keep an eye on your local listings around the end of the year/early January. Or see if the local fan club (Victorian Discworld Klatch, for you, I think?) is arranging an outing. I'm sure they will be :)


City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
Ah, good! :) I just searched "Amazing Maurice Australia release date", and found the same, Dug. But what clinched it for me is the fact that Aussie cinemas also have TAMAHER on their websites, too.

Done! I hardly ever go to the movies - nothing much interests me, and the movie "treats" are ever so expensive - but ... *typpity-typpity-type* There, I just saved the date in my phone diary to go to the movies. ;)

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