The birth of a dragon, a windy one

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Aug 8, 2020
The wind was blowing,
really loud,
very loud,
unbelievably loud,
in the middle of the night,
a lot of stars
had trouble to stay in their stable,
they shaked and shivered,
the wind was really bad,
back and forth,
one little elf fetched a red scarf,
and turned it around her little neck,
so cold
very cold,
little gloves were even handed out,
and with all of them,
they started to push!
Yes they did!
against the wind!
with heaps of twinkling and even more glittering
and lots lots more pushing and pulling
they mobbed with a sigh and a moan,
the wind in a heap!
Two little stars became giant friendly cheeks,
one star became big tail,
lots of little stars became the belly
and even more turned into big elegant blue wings!
but where to hide such an enormous beast
with giantic friendly eyes with a little star inside?
at night when people are sleeping,
it is alowed to fly around
and bellow some wind,
in day time though we will roll him over in a cloud
a nice white fluffy one!
floating through the blue sky!
with now and then a wee raindrop...
little plants would like that!
With the sun coming up,
the freshly made dragon turned on his side,
it shook a white blanket over its body,
and there he floated contently along with a little sigh

in sun, wind, earth and water,
you encounter a mountain of ideas,
put on your boots
and go jump in the puddles
and make new friends
for more cuddles!

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