The Dire Days of Willowweed Manor by Shaenon Garrity and Christopher Baldwin

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May 20, 2012
The Dire Days of Willowweed Manor by Shaenon Garrity and Christopher Baldwin. Just released, summer of 2021.
It is a graphic novel. And it's a hoot.
Okay, you might enjoy it even more if you have read an awful lot of books and seen a lot of movies so as to get the allusions, but I think even someone who hasn't will still enjoy the story. I laughed out loud quite a lot.
Our heroine, Haley, has read far too many 18th and 19th century Gothic romances, and even her remarkably open-minded English teacher has ordered her to write her next book report on something else - anything else. Haley pauses on a bridge to ponder in the rain, and rescues a drowning man. When she awakens, she is in another place, one that clearly is affected by the Romantic Imagination. But it's all too real, from the mysterious undercrofts to the attacking monsters. Is she heroine enough to save the universe? With genre-savvy as her weapon, amid enough allusions and homages for a Pratchett novel, Haley joins the residents of Willowweed Manor in a battle against Penultimate Evil.
P.S. Shaenon Garrity is known, among other things, for the online comics Narbonic and Skin Horse.

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