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City Watch
Jul 20, 2017
Posted on behalf of Ella Horne from PenguinRandomHouse who is managing the redesign of the main website:
We are inviting you to share a tribute about what Terry’s writing meant to you, to feature on his updated website. Each tribute needs to be between 125 and 175 characters (including spaces!) and will appear randomised at the bottom of Terry's biography. We will attribute your quote to *your first name*, Pratchett Fan. These will be included amongst quotes from famous fans and media, such as this one:

‘Terry was one of our greatest fantasists, and beyond a doubt the funniest. He was as witty as he was prolific, and that’s saying something.’ George RR Martin

If you would like to submit a tribute, you can reply in the comments below.
Thank you as always for keeping Terry’s legacy alive.


City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
Hmm - as anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm not good at brevity (that's one reason I'm not on Twitter). But after fifteen minutes of editing and re-editing ...

"Terry didn’t just tell good stories; he showed us new ways of thinking about the world. His books could be funny or grim, sardonic or philosophical – and always unforgettable."

Or, if you'd like even briefer - how about a 5-7-5 haiku?

Sir Terry
Inspired us all
with the Discworld series;
alas, gone too soon.

(I haven't even touched on what Terry means to me as a would-be author myself - more than I can say - but alas, 175 characters isn't much!)


Jan 1, 2014
Barcelona, Catalonia
I agree!! That is soooo difficult! o_O But you did a great job, Rath... I'll try to do my best, too...

"I feel so much gratitude for all the great reading moments, admiration towards the books and respect for the person that was behind them. Infinite thanks, Sir Terry." Mixa



Super Moderator
City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
I've told this story many times here, but would like to share it to a wider audience:

I discovered Discworld via my younger brother, who nagged me into reading The Colour of Magic, shortly after it came out in paperback. I was hooked. I joined an online group and enjoyed sharing my love of all things Sir Terry related. When the second Tiffany Aching book, A Hat Full Of Sky came out, I managed to get a copy before the official date, as the supermarket had put it on display early. I had no one to discuss it with except another member of the group, who owned a bookstore in Tucson, Arizona. She had read the book early because she had an advance copy. We started to PM each other about the book. That turned into emails and MSN Chat and eventually I travelled to Arizona and met Charlene. We got married the following year and had the best ten years of our lives. Charlene passed away in 2017. We always had our love of Discworld and I am so happy that I was able to tell Terry our story and get a copy of A Hat Full of Sky signed by him. I told him that he was Cupid with a beard.
Jul 27, 2008
Stirlingshire, Scotland
I first met Terry at Fantasycon in Birmingham's Thistle hotel in 1984, where else but at the bar:mrgreen: where all the authors used to hang out, that was before he was mega famous. Next morning I went down for an early breakfast to miss the crowds, sitting on my own in an empty section Terry appeared and asked if he could join me, and even years afterwards at various cons and book signings he would always say hello and have a chat, time permitting. So many other stories but so little space.
A very generous man with his time for his fans. He is sorely missed.


City Watch
Jul 26, 2008
I first spoke to Terry properly (as opposed to a self-conscious "mumblemumblemumble" in a book signing queue) when I was asked to help at the first NADWCon in Arizona. My thankless task was to move people on after their book(s) had been signed.
I was wearing a gothic gown and Terry suddenly stopped signing, looked up at me and said "You should play Lady Macbeth, or the Wicked Queen. You have presence." This to someone who prefers sitting discreetly in the Prompt's chair in am-dram rather than treading the boards!
Mind you, at the end of the signing, I was able to have a photo with him, seated on his knee, no less! The spell was broken somewhat by the"Oomph!" he let out as I sat down - I'm not that heavy! :eek:
Happy days!

The Mad Collector

Sep 1, 2010
Ironbridge UK
Yeesh less than 175 characters to write about a master, well here goes

Terry's genius was explaining the world in terms of fantasy, you start reading & suddenly realise that he is parodying the news from this morning but he wrote it 5 years ago

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