Troll Bridge film released to backers

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I know I'm probably out of luck, but is it possible to order a copy? *crosses fingers*
A physical copy, on DVD or BluRay? No, that ship has sailed (or aircraft has flown)... The project has been going for 17 years, and they only closed off backing for physical rewards last November.

You can still back it for streaming or download - head to
and click 'Purchase Membership'.

If, however, you *do* want to get your hands on a physical copy, keep your eyes on eBay as some people have been selling theirs. There is also likely to be some auctioned off at future Discworld Conventions at the charity auctions. I got the BluRay and my partner got a DVD (we backed separately before we were a couple), and so it's likely we'll put our DVD copy into the charity auction at the 2022 Australian Discworld Covention in Sydney.

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