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City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
It's available worldwide on Amazon Prime. So yes, it is available in Australia, but you have to pay for it. If you choose not to, that's up to you.
For me, it's not a question of choosing not to. I simply want my own copy, one that I can watch again and again, without having to rely on the whims of others -- be it Amazon or other types of TV.

I just want to be able to watch this particular show whenever I want to. What's so hard for Amazon to understand about that? *crosses arms, taps foot, a la Tiffany Aching* ;)

Besides, I don't see why I should pay Amazon anything. Since I live by myself, work during the day, and use my computer in the evening, neither I nor anyone else will be there to watch anything on Amazon. I may as well just throw my money in the Ankh. =P


Jan 1, 2014
Barcelona, Catalonia
I just finished season 2. Couldn't be more disappointed.

Characters loose any development they gained during s1 and now they are dumb. There's no plot (or at least not a plot worth 6 episodes). Why did they add gratuitous violence and gore demons? Why did they turn this into a fanfic for CrowleyxAziraphale shippers? I ship them too, but I could feel their connection in much deeper way in the final scene of s1, than whole s2.

I'll go and keep crying in my bed, bye :cry:


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