We need a new Discworld game - an impassioned plea

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Jul 8, 2014
Hi there everyone,

I've put together an article as a case study regarding a new Discworld video game. The time is right to make it happen!
Please wont you give it a read? And then, as fans of the series, give me your feedback? Here's the introduction... if it interests you, hit the link and read the rest? It's pretty long, but hopefully worth a read.

http://whatculture.com/gaming/terry-pra ... t-game.php

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: 9 Steps To Create The Perfect Game

A flat, round planet carves through the eternal ether, supported by four colossal elephants, on the back of the Great A’Tuin – space turtle extraordinaire. This is the complex imaginary world which plays host to one of the most highly regarded fantasy book series’ ever devised, Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Perhaps not as widely popular as the Harry Potter novels (but then again, what is?), Pratchett devotees tend to consider themselves a more discerning bunch. We see the Discworld series as literary art, not Rowling-esque pulp fantasy. And we devour anything Discworld-related with rampant hunger – books, maps, board games, figurines, if it says “Discworld” on the cover, we’ll buy it. It’s a vast empire, the Discworld metaverse, and we all want a piece of it.

One realm which hasn’t received fair attention, though, is Discworld’s representation in the gaming world. We’re on the 40th novel in the award-winning series, but it’s been 14 long years since the last proper attempt to capture the Discworld magic in game form (and no, the delightful boardgames don’t count). In that time we’ve been subjected to unpleasant games based on brilliant fantasy books (ie. just about any Lord Of The Rings game), and substantially more unpleasant games based on forgettable fantasy books (ie. any game with Harry Plopper’s bespectacled mug plastered on the box). After enduring all of that, the time is right for an amazing game based on the astounding fantasy scribblings of Mr. Pratchett.

WhatCulture put the idea to revered gaming industry personality Rhianna Pratchett – Tomb Raider reboot writer, unofficial custodian of all things Discworldian, and of course Terry’s daughter. “There have been a few pitches sent my father’s way over the years, but none have been up to snuff, quite frankly,” she told us. “Some thought they got it, and when asked to pitch their vision for the project, quite clearly didn’t. So basically we’ve not had the right pitch from the right company yet.”

This tells us two things: that, as it stands, there is no Discworld project openly in development, but also that the idea is very much on the table should the right concept stroll in. So, while fans wait impatiently for the planets to align, perhaps it’s time to take an impassioned look at what would need to be done for a game to justify the sought-after Discworld license.

Hit the link for the body of the article!

http://whatculture.com/gaming/terry-pra ... t-game.php


Jan 1, 2014
Barcelona, Catalonia
Hey! Good article! That’s completely true. I remember my mother bought one of the first Discworld PC games and compared with all the technological advances that we have nowadays it looks pretty tacky.

It’s a pity because I’m sure that with a new Play Sation, XBox, Wii etc game there would be benefits… And with Rhianna Pratchett it’d be successful (I’ve played “Mirror’s edge” and enjoyed it quite a lot).

Yes, as you say I think that we’ll have to wait for the planets to align but it is always good to insist a little. ;)



Jan 31, 2014
Comon man I'm 6 months ahead of you on this one give a man some cred!
(Hint, look in this same topic area, discworld mod for skyrim!)
It's pretty much its own game atm, 15+ hours and counting so far, prob release around the 20 hour mark for alpha version


New Member
Jul 28, 2014

I'm not a Harry Potter fan myself. I've seen the movies but I didn't read children's books even when I was a child and have no interest in starting now, Pratchett's few Discworld forays notwithstanding. That said I don't think pooping on Potter adds any value at all to this argument. So I'd steer clear of that.

I'd love to see a Discworld game too - especially something online - but it is a complicated prospect. IPs can be diminished by bad iterations or developers and I think it's good that the Pratchetts are wary on that score. The industry is also in a funny state just now. Big developers are sinking enormous amounts of money into games and not always getting great returns. Using an established IP is also definitely no guarantee of success. At the same time we're seeing lots of little indie developers producing relatively simple (but fun) games and making lots of money.

Technology is also evolving rapidly. You'd probably be very surprised at how easy is for even someone with relatively limited technical skills to make a game these days. And it's only going to keep getting easier.

So all things considered I think we're much more likely to see one of the fan-made non-profit Discworld games long before anything from a "professional" developer.


Nov 9, 2014
Russia, Moscow
I've found "Discworld: Noir". Occasionally.
Then I've been waiting for Disworld games.
Then I got "DW" 1 & 2.
Then they didn't work at all my PC's. :(((
Then I've been waiting again.
Ages were passinп...
Then I thought: "Enough!" And finished the game I tried to write even ten years ago when I fell in love with Pratchett books.
Is it good? Is it bad? Is there any profit? Don't know. But. I hope that someone may be Rhianna and for nowadays plaforms - that will be very good why not? - but will make that new Discworld game finally. :))
Sorry and thank you I've finished. :)

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