"Discworld Sphereworld" (adventure game in English)

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Nov 9, 2014
Russia, Moscow
[Started to try to translate to re-write and to update my scenario of adventure game I called "Discworld Sphereworld". Hope you'll like it! :) The plot puzzles and the solving are all in the text.
I will also try to post continues here immediately. Well nice training any way. :))
So now...]

* * *


[The adventure is based on Terry Pratchett books]

Part 1. Tprootik*. The guardman

(*In English this name we can write as Pcane or for example Cc-cane.)

Pseudopolis Yard

Meet: it’s Tprutik a young man that came from Djelibeybi to Ankh-Morpork searching for better life (ha-ha). He’s tall and good looking so he’s life in the 1.000.000 people city won’t be easy. Well O’K let’s play then.
Go to Guard vestibule and talk to Nobby Nobbs. He will give you a note-pad and a pencil. Using them Tprootik will write important things.
Try to get money from Nobby. It didn’t work of course. But we can re-try “when there’s a REALLY big reason” to do it.
Nobby wrote a report. He engages a case that Vimes ordered him but Nobby will re-order it to Tprootik and gave him a report. “What’s a case?” – “Well there’s a strange incident happened in the Unseen University”. Let’s look closer – read a report. Aha something strange was seen in Tresurer’s apartments. And Mustrum Ridcully the Archchancellor is ought to know facts that can help us because he’s the eldest wizard.
Go to the University.

Unseen University

Enter the Main Building.
Right ledder will lead us to Tresurer’s door. It’s closed. Oh here’s a sign: “I hafe a dinner in ze Main Roome. Tresurer”.
Go to the Main Room.
Talk to nervous wizard sitting on a stool with a sign “Tresurer” on it. He’ll take you to his apartments and will say something about his hat: “It causes strange and not normal things! There was a rabbit right here – and no hat do you understand?! No hat! And after that it appears here again do-you-un-der-stand!?” – “O’K O’K sir Tresurer I understand. So you can leave my hand and stop shouting at my face”. Take the hat and explore it; here’s a wool – pick it up. And there are pills of dried frogs pick them up too. We’ll ask about a rabbit a woman who knows nearly everything about animals – Cybil Ramkin (Vimes).
Try to talk to Ridcully in the Main Room. He will refuse to talk arguing: “I don’t really believe Tresurer’s words. Once he saw a pig in the sky and few days after a rainbow in a cask full of water. I watch wizards and magic at the University, - he will say eatting unstoppably, - so if you have to say some things about my work I will help you”. All right we’ll talk to archchancellor after some time.

Nursery of Cybil Ramkin

Talk to Cybil. We’ve learned some facts about a rabbit – so called Lankre rabbit (and how the hell did he get to Ankh-Morpork?!). And another strange thing: Treasurer said that he scanned his room and didn’t find any kind of magic so we understand: nothing magical happened there. Now we must find out more information about this kind of rabbits and answer the question “How can the one cross many many miles to run to Tresurer’s apartments?” But the main question “WHY?!”. Knowing Treasurer we’re sure that it’s not the best idea – for a human or for an animal. Also we got information about swampy dragons.
Ask Cybil to give you hay (here it lies) and a dragon remedy.
Do you hear an unidentified sort of sound? Follow it to the dragons cages.

Dragons cages

Here’s a dragon here’s his bowl and his ball of yarn that he plays with and here’s a lamp. Nice kit. So take a lamp and use it on a bowl. Poor dragon he drank lamp oil. “Well O’K poor but he bited my finger when I tried to get his ball!” Use dragon remedy on a bowl. A dragon threw a ball out and is drinking a remedy; pick up a ball of yarn.
In the next cage really interesting dragon is waiting for us. He can… talk! “Uhu yes I can. So what? If I’m not talking may be there’s no topic and no reason”. Reasonable… Talk to this dragon; his name is Gamby – mister Gambit in full type. He will ask you to help him to get out from this place. “She feeds me she looks at me she’s trying to guess my thoughts – that’s AWFUL!” O-o-o poor one… Agree to give him a hand. But before we do that go to Illusioner’s house (may be there are asnwers about a rabbit strange appearings and all those stuff).

Illusioner’s house

O. The wall. Many many bricks – and a water (runnig down). O’K we understand this image. And we know what means a writing “Swords n’ Lillies. Use your Illusion” on a poster on the wall. And we guess something about a word “Illusion” that begins with an uppercase letter but right now we can do nothing with it.
So why not going to Unseen University (UU) Library? Missis Ramkin said that we will surely find many clever and magical (!) books there. Let’s go!

UU Library

(To be continued)


Nov 9, 2014
Russia, Moscow
Thank you very much Mixa! :)

[Here's a little continue...]

* * *

UU Library

Try to get into the library. Hm there is a big queque and the controller doesn’t allow us to go. Take a ticket that the conductor gives. Number… what? 738?! And it’s 18th number time. Oh gods… Let’s think what we can do.
Here’s a lonely student sitting on a bench; talk to him. He will ask you to get a book for him. Book is called “Magik compeelation”. The studenth is 20th in the queque but he will give you his ticket if he recieves the book. Agree. And go to a shop he told you about; the magic shop that was on that street ever.
But before that we go to the Guard back side.

The Guard back yard

Look at the lantern that lanterner is working at. It’s unsual thing with a very powerful glass made by Leonard Da Quirm. The lanterner has a hard work.
And who is it in black clothes boney and with a scythe? M-m… Talk to the figure and offer Him to help poor lanterner. Then follow Death.
He will try to help the man with the lantern. Say to Death that it’s better He puts down a scythe. He will do this. O’K now while they are busy kick the ladder. Ouch! Poor lanterner and Death both they are trapped by the ladder. But we can take Death’s scythe; do it.
Then go to Dibbler’s cross-roads.

Dibbler’s cross-roads

Dibller will “cry” that there’s a competitor who stole all his clients. Agree to help Dibbler. He said that he can get anything we want; O’K good if it’s true.
Talk to the competitor. He is trying to open some “McRonald’s” in Ankh-Morpork. Buy a sausage. (It’s… it’s made of natural meet! What the hell!..). Buy a ketchup and a coffee too. Did you see that McRonald’s sometimes doesn’t see us when giving something to clients? And here’s ahother lantern with a superglass right on the contrary…
This time we go to magic shop.

Magic shop

Ask the seller-woman if she has “Compeelation”. Yes she has but it costs too much. All right go to Tprootik’s apartments – there must be money.

Tprootik apartments



Jan 1, 2014
Barcelona, Catalonia
Hey GAN! What happened with Tprootik and his adventure? An affliction I suffer from is not finishing the projects I start writing… Don’t follow my steps! There’s nothing better than completing them to see it was worth it! ;)

Waiting for more,


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