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Jul 27, 2008
Stirlingshire, Scotland
Might have a problem there is a strike by the signallers which means no trains can run, and the knock on effect for Friday is no early morning trains to get to the airport as I need to be there around 7am bus wold take one and a half hours approx. then the airport bus 25 minutes, taxi would be really expensive but might be the only option.:(
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City Watch
Mar 24, 2015
Melbourne, Victoria
I'm confused. I can recognise most of the characters, but who is that at 1:46? Is that the Queen of the Elves during the events of "The Shepherd's Crown"?

2:28 - wonderful interpretation of Mrs Bradshaw. :)

0:43 - a very young Vimes? Or is it Carrot? (Not tall enough or ginger enough for Carrot, though)

Love the Moist von Lipwig/Adorabelle Dearheart sequence. :)

2:51 ... I'm sorry, that can't be Vetinari. No fussy goatee, skullcap, or dog. But it can't be Cosmo Lavish, either - nowhere near fat enough.

*thinks* At 3:39, I think I recognise the character ... but it escapes me. Who is that?

3:54 just cracks me up. The Agony Aunts for sure. ;) But I pictured the Agony Aunts as ... older?

Er ... 4:02 would be ... Conina? Or one of the Valkyries (who appear in Soul Music and the Last Hero)? But neither of them are scared of leaves. ;)

4:15 ... gee, Sam Vimes with a full beard? The Sam Vimes I know is fully shaven (he even shaves himself). But, all right, poetic license.

Lovely Mort in 4:24. :)

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