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Apr 27, 2009
Atop a mountain in Cumbria
Am still trying to get through this at bedtime with my kids - This is just my opinion of course but -Gods it's badly written - laborious

for the first time ever I am considering giving up a book and just letting them watch the film instead :eek:


Aug 30, 2009
Devon, UK
I love these books!

i read inkheart when i was 10 the inkspell when i was 11. Inkdeath didnt come out till i was 14...I seriosuly love them :) they were my favourite books for a very long time before i discovered PTerry last year. Well worth struggling through I would suggest :)
I watched it with two friends (one was fourteen!) we were guessing the plot before it happened, even to what the characters were going to say! We just found it so predictable that we thought it was a waste of time and wished we hired another film! Utterly boring! Not even Sean Bean could rescue it.


Super Moderator
City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
I saw the movie on the plane back earlier this year and enjoyed it at the time - but now I can't remember a thing that happened in it. o_O
RE National Treasure: Well I watch a film for the story and (Jan you may need to sit down for this!) Even if ALAN RICKMAN was in it I'd still hate it! Also it was yet another 'hey aren't we americans great big boy heroes ... and because we american's are great big boy heroes we're gonna cast the Brit actor as the bad guy!' - one of the reasons why a lot of my favourite films are now small budget films... Or those with a good mix of cast with actors using their own accents! (RE: Harry Potter .... an ALL ENGLISH cast! Lord of the Rings ... A good mix of cast brits playing both good and evil! Chronicles of Narnia Not a fake British accent throughout spoken by an american! or a fake American spoken by a brit come to that .... both annoy me! Pirates - I can forgive Johnny Depp because he does it so well you could almost believe he is a cockney english Pirate! Besides he is almost an honorary brit to me... I think he'd be a good Jeremy/Lobsang)

So, can anyone else please tell me something positive - I am into deep fantasies and I love books involving people travelling into other worlds ... (Chronicles of Narnia - Harry Potter - some examples of!)


Jul 26, 2008
Michigan, U.S.A.
:laugh: So true... no one could have saved National Treasure. Or National Treasure 2 for that matter (yes, I had to sit through that :rolleyes: o_O ).

Do you mean something positive about Inkheart? Wish I could think of something. It was difficult to get through and the end felt so anti-climatic. The movie really was very good though!

Or, do you just need some suggestions for other books?
About Inkheart the book ... don't need any book suggestions ...

I must admit there have a been a few books like that for me ... Neverending Story is my sister's favourite but I couldn't get into it- Dream Merchant I read in two sittings and my sister couldn't get into it ... though in style they were fairly similar ... odd huh!
Lady Vetinari said:
Pirates - I can forgive Johnny Depp because he does it so well you could almost believe he is a cockney english Pirate! Besides he is almost an honorary brit to me... I think he'd be a good Jeremy/Lobsang)
OOOH he would be perfect for that type of role... *Sigh*

Jan Van Quirm

Nov 7, 2008
Dunheved, Kernow
Tina a.k.a.SusanSto.Helit said:
Jan Van Quirm said:
But...! National Tresure has Sean Bean in it........ :twisted:
LMAO PMSL Jan, what can I say, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I can't remember any of his films, just that he was in them - except he should have been bloody Aragorn! :devil:


Dec 30, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
In the Catcher In The Rye, J D Salinger says that sometime he liked to read a book and then just casually phone up the Author.
I really would like to phone up Cornelia Funke so I could shout at her. The book is daft.
I also read through the film script because a friend of mine was doing the sound editing for the movie although I never actually saw the film.


Jul 5, 2010
The Netherlands
I've got the first two parts the first one was alright but the second one was a bit tedious to my idea.I kept catching my self on skipping parts in the second book.

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