Sponsorship required for Swimathon in aid of Alzheimers

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Jan 30, 2009
I will keep this short, but some time ago I lost my Father Terry Butler to this awful disease, I though it was about time I did something about it, so I am swimming the Padstow to Rock Estuary on Sunday August Bank Holiday. I am looking to raise a minimum of £1000 and any sponsorship goes straight to the Alzheimers Society via my website:


I was hoping to attract Terry Pratchetts attention to give my fund raising a higher profile, or even some sponsorship from him!

Any contribution will be warmly received, thanks members.

Please help me raise the funds, I am now training hard to raise this money.

Many thanks in anticipation of your generous support.



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Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Welcome to the site Richard and good luck with the sponsored swim.

As far as I am aware Terry doesn't visit this site, he certainly hasn't posted here. But who knows? :)

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