Where's My Cow?

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Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Sharlene (swreader) was telling me recently how she'd been approached by one of the librarians (no, not that one) at Tucson library. They had a copy of Where's My Cow and didn't know what to do with it. :laugh:

The problem was that it looks like a children's book - in fact it looks like a book for very small children. But is it?

Would a parent (of the non-Discworld variety) picking this up for their small child find it odd?

And would Pratchett fans think of looking for it in the Children's section?

Should it be with the regular Discworld books? Or would it seem out of place there?

What do you think of this book - what is it and where does it belong?

What do you think? o_O
There's an easy solution to this dilemma.. Let the Librarian place it in the Recommended Reads section. It's a very colourful book so it stands out nicely. Otherwise, possibly keep it to be given out with Thud? It'd be quite cool to take out Thud and get 'Where's My Cow' with it. Just make sure she puts a big note on the cover of Thud mentioning that people who take it out will also get Where's My Cow to read. (And that's Cutting the Librarian's throat.)
Jul 26, 2008
Planet Jendall
good idea Sapph.

but - if they are allowed more than one copy... then mayba a reference inside to Tiffany and Maurice and the Bromedliads? and place it in the 'read to children' section
Jul 25, 2008
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.
rentawitch said:
good idea Sapph.

but - if they are allowed more than one copy... then mayba a reference inside to Tiffany and Maurice and the Bromedliads? and place it in the 'read to children' section
I totally agree that Sapph's idea is great--
But I don't understand the rest of the post. Are you suggesting that the Tiffany, Maurice and Bromedliads are to be placed in a section which is to be read to children? In the first place, at least in our library - that would be really the Picture Book section (which was where they were wondering if they should put Where's My Cow). But I'd suggest two copies of all these--one in the children's or young adult section, and one in the adult section.

But then, never mind what Terry says--these are children's or young adult books in the same way that Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn are children's or young adult books. And they belong with the rest of his work.


Jul 25, 2008
My four year old Loves Where's My Cow and can do all the noises and he said to me the other day in a shop " Mum Dont Detain me!" I was in stitches and we got some very funny looks I can tell you.

However I am (obviously a DW fan) and I am unsure where you would put it - I love the idea of handing it out with Thud though :laugh:

Witch from Lancre

Aug 4, 2008
West Yorkshire
I'd put it in the Adult section alongside Thud and then it's up to the grownups to decide whether to read it to their children.

I'd have been in stitches if I heard a child say that in a shop but no doubt other shoppers might not understand what was so funny.

At the Skipton meetings of the Flatalists Society we were entertained by one member reading Where's My Cow, each bit in a different language. I don't know what the other patrons of the pub thought. We were all rolling about laughing it was so funny. Some of the overseas members of this Forum did the translations into their own languages and others they were fluent in.


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Jul 29, 2008
I've seen Where's My Cow in a few bookshops - always in the growdup section, as an add on I believe. The thing is, it will rarely be the little ones choosing the books they should be reading, it will most often be parents, aunts, uncles, friends of parents, The Wrinklies (grandparents) and Godparents - any PTerry fans will see it as they peruse the Fantasy section anyway, and take it out of the library for a little one, or purchase it for all the little ones in their lives...
Sep 9, 2008
Our School library makes it easy.
The Fiction is divided into picture books and novels. Picture books are all those with large often colourful pictures on each page regardless of content and amount of words on the page. Generally the books are larger then a standard book.

The rest are novels with only smaller pictures and not as frequently.

I am still trying to hunt down a copy of Where's my cow? My local book store closed down and I don't have the tiime to go treking into the city to see if they have a copy.
I even have a search running on e-bay for a copy.

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