Where's My Cow?

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Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
StephanieHill said:
I really love it too! Fantastic - a Lancre Longhorn, that's what it is now. I've spent heaps of time staring at cows bottoms, as you do, since mooving here. Still vegetarian though.
I'm a vegetarian too. Cows look better in a field than on a plate. ;)

Here's a photo of a cow I took in Slovenia.

Where's my cow? Was the first book I ever bought for my daughter when she was first born. I have read it to her most nights since then, now she knows it off by heart. She is now four years old and has just started reception class at school. First time I ever read it to her I laughed more than i could read it.

It is the most chewed book in the world :clap:

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