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Feb 5, 2009
I was introduced to the disc world by my sister in 1992 when she bought me Wyrd Sisters, simply for the title. Then friends bought me Witches Abroad to read en route to Australia. HOOKED! Since then I have obviously bought all the books and been to see several stae productions (yes I have all the so called children's books as well).
I have always been in awe of Terry as an author, now he is my hero after watching the documentary tonight. Terry you are inspiration in the extreme.
I thank you for all you have contributed to my life.


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City Watch
Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Terry's books are extremely addictive. I got hooked on them when my brother loaned me Colour of Magic when it first came out in paperback. And I've been feeding my habit ever since.

The documentary was an interesting insight into someone dealing with this awful condition - facing the thought that things were going to get progressively more difficult.

It's clear that this can hit anyone regardless of health, lifestyle or wealth.

Terry has taken an incredibly brave step by going public in the way he has. I had always admired the man, but this has taken that admiration to new heights.


Oct 13, 2008
Hi Jenny, welcome to the forum. :)

Jan Van Quirm

Nov 7, 2008
Dunheved, Kernow
Hello and welcome Jenny - :)

Terry has been a hero of mine for a very long time - after last night he's a superhero and will live on in legend for a long, long time, not just for what he's written that gives pleasure to so many people but for how he lived his life
I began reading Terry Pratchett with Sourcery. I was fascinated and adored the humor.

After being diagnosed with an incurable disease and finding myself handicapped (otherwise abled??) and in a serious funk. I began to use his books for therapy. They, I am happy to report, worked Marvelously.

My husband would hear me sniggering, and snuffling and outright howling with laughter every time I picked one up. I should warn you, you cannot get all the burnt and crunchy bits in one reading. I have every discworld book and have read them all twice and am working on the third round. I still Snigger, Snort, Snuffle and Howl every time. He is my Hero, he lifted me up and sat me down firmly on the other side of my bad time with a lovely bit of a satirical look at my life and the world.

My hat made of sky is off to Mr. Pratchett!!!


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Jul 25, 2008
Cardiff, Wales
Gotta agree - Terry's books have got me through many very painful times in my life. :)

Aug 12, 2008
swansea south wales
i always take a copy of one of his books whenever i end up in hospital(which is quite often), always cheers me up, doesnt do anything for the pain tho :laugh: major stomach surgery and laughing dont mix one iota :laugh: :laugh:


New Member
May 6, 2009
Got hooked when my brother loaned me a copy of Guards Gaurds! Never laughed out loud :laugh: at a book before. Cheers Sir Terry! :laugh:

The rat

Apr 18, 2009
Bad Blintz
I work the night shift for three nights a week sitting on my butt staring at a computer and the audio books help make the night go by that much quicker.

I also usually have a book at my desk to take with me to 'get away' in more ways than one.

It is also fun tawling the used bookstores and websites for the odd bargin here and there to add to my addiction... I mean needs... I mean to keep the shakes down... I mean Hobby! HOBBY! That's the word! :laugh:

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